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Nikitas Moustakas on Keeping Neurosurgeons (and Other Clients) Happy

Nikitas Moustakas on Keeping Neurosurgeons (and Other Clients) Happy

In the 2011 issue of New Jersey Super Lawyers, we profiled Nikitas Moustakas, a business lawyer at Parker McCay in Mount Laurel. Moustakas was thrust into the business world early on when his father passed away before Moustakas’ second year of college, leaving young Moustakas to figure out how to run the family restaurant. A couple years later, Moustakas’ brother was diagnosed with leukemia, and Moustakas was thrown into the world of hospitals and health care providers. Both experiences helped shape his approach to counseling his business and physician clients, which he talks about here:Nikitas Moustakas LOW.jpg

I recently [handled] an employment matter for a physician. He was in the middle of a pretty heated contract negotiation with a hospital, and the physician–he’s a neurosurgeon–needed something a little bit more to complete the employment, which was complicated but we got it done. And I said [to him] I want to keep you happy, you’re a neurosurgeon–if you’re happy, your patients are going to be happy.

I enjoy putting people together and having a win-win on both sides. Especially with people who have to work together in a business setting or a hospital setting, it should be a win-win.

If I look back on my life, I think about running that restaurant at the age of 19, 20, where I’m sitting there, trying to figure out how to most efficiently run this restaurant, hire people, purchase the building, try to keep the customers happy, try to create a good menu; and being out there with people and hearing their problems. People would come in and argue, you’d sit there, you’d tell them, “Why don’t you calm down and we’ll work this out.”

I like when people smile, it makes me feel really good. And especially the life that I’ve led–it’s nice to see people happy. I’ve been through enough heartache.

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