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Revised NJ Ethics Rules Bless Super Lawyers

It's official. The New Jersey Supreme Court has adopted amendments to ethics rules that allow lawyers to mention their inclusion in Super Lawyers and other ratings. The revised rules go into effect immediately. This closes the final chapter of the three-and-a-half year saga arising out of Opinion 39.

Letter to NJ Attorneys Regarding Opinion 39 Ruling

As you may have already heard, on Dec. 17th the New Jersey Supreme Court vacated Opinion 39, the 2006 ruling of the Committee on Attorney Advertising which sought to prohibit lawyers from advertising in Super Lawyers and participating in the Super Lawyers selection process. In overturning Opinion 39, the Court found shortcomings in the advertising rules themselves and referred the matter to three committees to review and modify RPC 7.1(a)(2) and (3) because of "constitutional concerns" and "in light of emerging trends in attorney advertising." This is a ruling well worth a read.

Warning in America

The other day I saw a warning on a restroom towel dispenser. It warned that putting your head in the towel loop could result in personal injury or death. I wondered, exactly who is this warning directed towards? What person would actually hang himself in a towel loop if it weren't for this warning?

Special Master Report on Opinion 39 Is Welcome Addition

Retired New Jersey Appellate Division JudgeRobert Fall has released his long-awaited reporton Opinion 39, the 2006 ruling by the Committee on Attorney Advertising thatprohibited attorney participation in listings such as Super Lawyers. Judge Fall's report, produced at the requestof the New Jersey Supreme Court and fifteen months in the making, contains muchthat was worth waiting for: