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Nancy Sheehan

Nancy Sheehan

In the latest issue of Northern California Super Lawyers & Rising Stars — available in digital edition, mobile app and print — cover subject Nancy Sheehan, an employment litigator at Porter Scott, talks about the need for civility in the legal world.

“The most feared attorneys are those who can get along with everybody and still get what they need for their clients,” Sheehan says. “I fear them more than the attorneys who engage in endless skirmishes, who have a scorched-earth policy and serve papers at 5:30 Friday afternoon. I don’t do it, and I tell my associates they don’t need to do it. And I think this attitude has saved my clients tens of thousands of dollars by not engaging in needless discovery battles.”

Radio personality John McGinness, who was a client of Sheehan’s when he was the sheriff of Sacramento County, has this to say about Sheehan: “She’s not a flamethrower or bomb-thrower. She’s always professional. And she’s whip-smart-she plays chess when others are playing checkers.”

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