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Super Solicitors General

Jeffrey Toobin, staff writer for The New Yorker, and author of the books "The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court" and "The Oath: The Obama White House vs. the Supreme Court" (out in September), has written a fascinating piece, called "Money Unlimited," on the Citizens United decision.

Carter Phillips Takes the Reins at Sidley Austin

Phillips.jpgIt was announced today that Carter Phillips, renowned Washington, D.C., appellate lawyer, and owner of the current record for most stand-ups before the U.S. Supreme Court (71 at last count), has been named head of the executive committee at Sidley Austin. Congrats to Phillips, and to read our interview with him from last year, just go here.

Jean Dubofsky on Public Policy Groups that Matter

dubofsky.jpgJean Dubofsky knows supreme courts. She became the first female justice on the Colorado Supreme Court in 1979, and, as an appellate lawyer, was lead counsel for the plaintiffs in overturning the Amendment 2 case (Romer v. Evans) before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1996. In the latest issue of Colorado Super Lawyers & Rising Stars magazine, in a Q&A entitled "Lone Ranger," we talk with Ms. Dubofsky about her extensive career, the difficulty of being a judge, and how much longer she'll practice law.

Carter Phillips and the Question of Content Regulation on Public Airwaves

cphillips2.jpg Carter Phillips of Sidely Austin, last year's cover subject in Washington, DC Super Lawyers, appeared yesterday before the U.S. Supreme Court to represent his client, Fox Television, in a case concerning FCC regulation of indecent content--such as fleeting expletives on awards shows or brief nudity on a show like NYPD Blue--on the public airwaves. We caught up with him to get his thoughts on the day's arguments.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on New Haven Firefighters; David N. Rosen Says, 'Not So Fast'

The hotly debated firefighter promotion exam in New Haven, Conn., is back in court.

Carter Phillips on his mentor Rex Lee

Super Lawyers recently had the pleasure of talking with Carter Phillips, the managing partner of Sidley Austin in Washington, D.C. Phillips holds the record for the most arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court with an astounding 71, including five this term. He talked with us about his days clerking for Chief Justice Warren Burger, his friend Justice Samuel Alito, what he does to prep for an appearance, and his batting average before the Supremes, all of which will be detailed in the Super Lawyers section of the Washington Post Magazine on May 1.