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John Garvish's Lesson from Law School: It's Not About Who Talks Most

Garvish.jpegIn the most recent issue of Texas Rising Stars, which is available now online and in digital form, we asked John Garvish of McKool Smith in Austin one simple question: "What was your most memorable experience from law school?" What he told us was illuminating, not only about classroom life, but life life.

What Gets Jason Braun Seeing Red

Jason Braun is a business litigator at Ajamie 4L3C2660 web1.jpgAjame in Houston who does not rise to anger quickly. His demeanor is preternaturally polite. But one thing does get him going: when people are defrauded. What he sees when they come to him for help is that they have taken a hit not only to their net worth, but their self-worth.

In the Latest Issue of Texas Rising Stars Magazine

TXRS12_SM_Cover.jpgThe latest issue of Texas Rising Stars magazine is now available online, as a digital magazine, and, of course, in print.

Michael J. Lowenberg and the Return of the Raeburn

Last week, thanks in part to representation from personal injury-plaintiff attorney Michael J. Lowenberg of The O'Quinn Law Firm in Houston, socialite Joanne King Herring once again gazed upon a painting she hadn't seen for more than 25 years.