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Lawyer Links: Roy Black on Anonymity for the Accused

Last week, in the aftermath of the crumbling case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, asked criminal defense attorney Roy Black, a perennial top 10/100 listee in Florida Super Lawyers, the subject of our 2007 cover feature "Basic Black" and a member of our advisory board, for his opinion. He wasn't shy. FLSL07.jpgIn "Why we should protect those accused of rape," Black argues in favor of anonymity for the accused as well as the accuser. An excerpt:

Announcing Board of Advisors

We are honored to announce the Super Lawyers Board of Advisors, composed of attorneys who embody excellence in practice. The board will provide advice, feedback and editorial guidance and includes lawyers from across the country, of varied firm sizes, who have consistently appeared at the top of the Super Lawyers lists.