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From the Vault: Title IX in Oklahoma

Our cover subject in the 2010 issue of Oklahoma Super Lawyers, Karen Long, partner at Rosenstein, Fist & Ringold, has taken on Title IX cases across the state of Oklahoma. In 1996, an Owasso man sued his daughter's high school district, alleging a violation of Title IX as her daughter's softball team played on a dirt field while the school's baseball team played in a modern stadium. An excerpt:

In the 2011 issue of Oklahoma Super Lawyers

OKSLRS11_SM_Cover.jpgIn the latest issue of Oklahoma Super Lawyers (available today online, digitally and via app, as well as in print), we profile Reggie Whitten, managing partner at Whitten Burrage in Oklahoma City. The litigator, who values honesty in trials, has taken on insurance providers in some of the nation's most significant class action and individual cases. In addition to his busy practice, Whitten is fully committed to various organizations he's helped found, including PROS FOR AFRICA, Pros 4 Vets and FATE (Fighting Addiction Through Education). The latter was founded to honor his son, Brandon, who became addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol, and died at age 25 in a motorcycle accident caused by his substance abuse.

Career Advice from Teresa Meinders Burkett

We interviewed Teresa Meinders Burkett, partner at Tulsa's Conner & Winters, for a Q&A in the upcoming issue of Oklahoma Super Lawyers in July, but were unfortunately unable to fit the entire conversation into the published article. In these previously unpublished excerpts, Burkett, who loves practicing health care law, offers her advice for younger individuals:

Oklahoma Super Lawyers Preview: Talking with Teresa Meinders Burkett

For the upcoming issue of Oklahoma Super Lawyers, we spoke with Teresa Meinders Burkett, partner at Tulsa's Conner & Winters where she directs the health care practice group. Burkett began her career as a nurse before transitioning to law, and the experience in the critical care unit gave Burkett a unique outlook while she attended law school. Here, Burkett elaborates on how the experience affected her time at school, beyond what we spoke about in the interview.