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Michelle Hartmann on the Natural Strengths of the Working Mother

Michelle Hartmann on the Natural Strengths of the Working Mother

15826.jpgLast year in Texas Rising Stars we had occasion to ask Michelle Hartmann, a partner in the  commercial litigation group at Weil, Gotshal & Manges, about the best advice she ever received. What she told us speaks to her role as both a lawyer and working mother, and how the two identities complement each other.

“I clerked for two judges, Judge Barbar Lynn and Chief Judge Carolyn King. They were both these really strong advocates and strong women. They really stressed to me to be yourself and capitalize on your natural strengths as a working mother. And I tried to emulate the model they created. I try not to, as a working mother, bring in business on the golf course, which does not fit me (laughs). But use natural relationships and my connections with the community that my kids are involved in to develop business, and also use those natural strengths in care for client service. To care for client service is something you can do in a lot of different ways. And really getting to know your client on a personal level helps you understand what a win is for them. That’s something that I think we as women are good at: asking the questions and really getting to know people on a personal level.”

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