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Michael T. Reagan On Launching His Own Firm

Michael T. Reagan On Launching His Own Firm

In the upcoming 2012 issue of Illinois Super Lawyers & Rising Stars, Ottawa appellate attorney Michael T. Reagan tells us what he finds so appealing about his practice area. Here, he shares what it’s like running his own practice after separating “in very friendly fashion” from his old firm last year and opening the Law Offices of Michael T. Reagan.

How is your practice going?

It’s just been fantastic. Fortunately, I have the same staff, the same legal assistants, and they are key to any success I have. They shouldered the major part of the burden in setting up the new office and getting our systems running. …Without them it would have been awfully difficult, and with them it was pretty easy.

What advice do you have for others thinking about going solo?

Have courage. I was fortunate in that I knew who my clients are, and I also knew the type of work which I have been very fortunate to have had referred to me from a wide range of lawyers and clients over the years. I didn’t have any reason to think that would abate. … I was mildly apprehensive, but really I had a pretty good sense that it would work, and it has.

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