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Michael A. Gill: Lessons From the Ring

Michael A. Gill: Lessons From the Ring

Family law attorney Michael A. Gill, with Goldenberg Mackler Sayegh Mintz Pfeffer Bonchi & Gill, spoke with us earlier this year in New Jersey Super Lawyers & Rising Stars about his boxing days as a teenager, and the life lessons he learned in the ring.

“I think it gives you an inner strength when you box, but I was always very nervous before every fight,” he says. “I didn’t box in a cavalier manner. Before every fight, I remember thinking, ‘Why do I do this? Why do I put myself through this, fight someone in front of all these people?’ But I got such an emotional high off it, I’d always want to do it again. It built up an inner toughness in me; gave determination and self-confidence. It gives you some kind of edge when you can get into a ring with just one other person; it’s just you and him, and there’s no one to help you.”

That inner toughness translates to courtroom success for Gill’s clients. But another lesson he learned is that fighting outside the ring — especially for the wrong reasons — is not the way to go.

“I say to clients at the first meeting that they’re going to have to do things my way,” Gill says. “I don’t want a father making custody an issue if he doesn’t really want custody and is just trying to hurt his ex-wife. I tell people, ‘My job is to minimize your exposure and get a fair amount.'”

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