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A look back at the March Super Lawyers Magazine releases

A look back at the March Super Lawyers Magazine releases

As March comes to a close we wanted to recap the editorial subjects for the three magazines released this month: 2015 New York Metro – Top Women Super Lawyers Magazine, 2015 Colorado Super Lawyers Magazine and the 2015 Texas Super Lawyers Magazine – Rising Stars.

2015 New York Metro – Top Women Super Lawyers Magazine

NYWE15_SP_Cover.jpgBe sure to check out our front cover piece on how Kathleen M. Sullivan went from dean of Stanford Law to arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court. Sullivan relishes the way appellate work lets her dissect a case. “A lot of times, appellate law means finding the thread, even an arcane procedural thread, that can unravel all that went wrong at trial,” she says. “That’s a beautiful art form. That’s why appellate lawyers bring a very different set of eyes than trial lawyers do. I think we see the cases more in terms of the long-term and institutional precedents they set, which is how the court will think about them.”

This issue also features a special section titled “When Life Get Legal” that highlights three brief articles on age discrimination, identity theft and divorce as it pertains to New York.

2015 Colorado Super Lawyers Magazine

COSLRS15_SM_Cover.jpgIn this issue, our 10th in Colorado, we learn why the firm of Roberts Levin Rosenberg represents insurance policyholders, what Nancy Crow thinks of tax reform, when John Posthumus helped bring a patent office to Denver, and how a family law case can be fun to Cynthia Ciancio.

Also don’t miss our “Word for Word” section where we had some fun by posing the question “Which U.S. Supreme Court justice would you take to lunch? And Where?” See one of the responses below.

Sonia Sotomayor at my house
“Last summer, I listened to the audio version of Justice Sotomayor’s memoir, My Beloved World, as beautifully read by Rita Moreno. Learning about Justice Sotomayor’s life as the Bronx-bred child of Puerto Rican parents, at Princeton, as a prosecutor and beyond, merely heightened the admiration I’ve held for her as a jurist since her appointment to the Supreme Court-and it also confirmed what a thoughtful, warm and real person she is.”

Marcy G. Glenn/Partner, Holland & Hart; Denver; Appellate

2015 Texas Super Lawyers Magazine – Rising Stars

TXRS15_SM_Cover.jpgIn this issue, we tell the stories of amazing lawyers like solo family law attorney Natalie Gregg, who gives clients a reality check, then holds their hands through the least traumatic possible-preferably out-of-court-uncouplings. At Locke Lord Edwards, Tai Tran does something he has loved since he was a boy: puts buildings on maps. The real estate and banking attorney has a hand in developing great communities.

Matt Matheny keeps hard hats on his wall at Provost Umphrey Law Firm in Beaumont. The personal injury attorney needs them when he checks on job sites with injured workers. Matheny also represents former NFL players in lawsuits over concussions. And in Dallas, Jesse Hoffman, a business lawyer at McCathern, wrote an argument upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in a case involving damages in prisoner-rights cases.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of our latest Super Lawyers Magazines. Be sure to visit http://www.superlawyers.com/about/digital_magazine.html to see all our digital editions.

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