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March Issues Aim At Showcasing Younger Attorneys

March Issues Aim At Showcasing Younger Attorneys

The featured attorneys in Super Lawyers Magazines are often chosen not only because of their legal excellence, but because of the interesting lives they’ve led. The 2017 Texas Super Lawyers Magazine – Rising Stars and the 2017 Colorado Super Lawyers Magazine were both released in March and feature young attorneys who are respected across their state’s legal industry.

2017 Texas Super Lawyers Magazine – Rising Stars

TXRS17_SM_Cover_b.jpgIt takes a lot to go from a small town in Texas to graduating with honors at Yale before attending Yale Law School. For Manuel Berrelez of Vinson & Elkins it was a successful football career, parents who valued education and a mistaken brush with the law.

Berrelez learned how important a college degree was from his mother who received hers while her son was young and has worked as a teacher in Texas for the past 25 years.

The Texas Super Lawyers Rising Stars selectee is currently a business litigator in Dallas. He believes part of his passion for defending clients comes from an arrest in high school after an administrative misunderstanding resulted in a trespassing arrest, almost causing him a four year college scholarship.

On top of his legal success Berrelez is a family man, coaching soccer for both his daughter and son. He also supports music education and serves on the board of the Dallas Winds, an orchestra without strings.

2017 Colorado Super Lawyers Magazine

COSLRS17_SM_Cover_B.jpgOften times the best teams are comprised of very different personalities that complement each other well. That is certainly the case with Iris Eytan and Dru Nielsen of Eyton Nielson LLC. Iris is passionate and outspoken while Dru is levelheaded and meticulous. Together the two make up a highly regarded criminal defense firm in Denver, Colorado where they have represented anything from murder to sexual assault crimes.

The two met as public defenders then later worked together in the same firm before branching out on their own. In 2016’s high-profile murder trial of Tom Fallis the two went beyond proving reasonable doubt, building an exact replica of the crime scene to show the impossible trajectory of a bullet fired by their client. The two now focus on Title IX sexual assault cases.

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