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Marc M. Dittenhoefer reflects on the efforts of Trial Lawyers Care after Sept. 11

Marc M. Dittenhoefer reflects on the efforts of Trial Lawyers Care after Sept. 11

NYSL11-Dittenhoefer.jpgAs we mentioned previously this week, New York Super Lawyers — Metro Edition (out at the end of this month) includes a feature about Trial Lawyers Care, the organization of attorneys who offered their legal services for free to those applying to the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. For the piece, we spoke with Marc M. Dittenhoefer, partner at Blank, Goolnick & Dittenhoefer, and member of the board of directors of New York State Trial Lawyers Association for the last 15 years, about his involvement with TLC. In this excerpt from the interview in April–a blog exclusive–Dittenhoefer reflects on TLC and the efforts of the attorneys involved.

It was a very proud moment that arose out of the ashes of a very terrible time. In such polarized political times, it’s edifying to look back on a time where, even through the haze of a tragedy, so many people were able to get on the same page: lawyers of all political parties, all political stripes from different parts of the city and state and with different predilections, plaintiff’s lawyers, even some defense lawyers surprisingly enough took on a mantle of doing this–although it was predominantly, as I recall it, all plaintiff’s lawyers that did it. [They] just put everything aside to try and help out people who were so grievously victimized. And that is a good thing arising out of a tragedy. If we could, somehow, all as a society muster together that feeling a little bit more than we seem to be able to do since then, I think that things would look a lot brighter.

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