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Making the Most of Your Super Lawyers Directory Listing

Making the Most of Your Super Lawyers Directory Listing

Did you get selected to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list, but the magazine in your state doesn’t publish for a couple months? Now is the time to stake your claim in the SuperLawyers.com directory, the quickest way to spread the news about your selection and persuade potential clients to contact your firm.

In order to make the most out of your Super Lawyers directory listing, follow these easy steps.

Get Back to The Basics

For many attorneys, basic contact information is as far as their presence goes on legal directories. That’s a missed opportunity. First off, make sure the information is consistent and accurate. This seems obvious, but if a phone number or address is wrong, you lose an opportunity for business and even call your firm’s professionalism into question. Potential clients won’t wait around to see if the information gets corrected and they won’t double-check a profile to see if it agrees with an online search.

In addition, those search engines count on consistent and accurate information to produce search results for users’ queries. The more examples of the same information, the better chance a user will get your firm’s contact information when they search for an attorney. In fact, you only gain SEO benefits when information is the same across the entire internet. If you have more than one office or phone number, that’s OK, just make sure you are consistent when setting apart your primary address and contact number from your other branch addresses and phone numbers — use one name, title, address, phone number, etc., and stick with it.

If you’ve been selected as one of the top lawyers in your state or region, it means you focus on the details when working on cases. So protect your firm’s reputation by spending a couple minutes proof-reading what’s posted about you online.

Show and Tell

A persuasive biography can compel clients to contact you.

Clients are coming to you with a problem. Make sure your directory posting puts them at ease and helps them take a next step toward hiring you.

How do you do this? By showing you understand what they’re looking for and why you’re the right attorney for the job.

Your accolades and degrees are important, but your biography needs to build trust. Answering why they should hire you, what you will do for them and what it’s like to work with you is a great step in that direction. But keep it clear and concise – say what’s needed and only what’s needed.

If possible, include a professional headshot and persuasive tagline as well. When people search online, they’re looking to connect with a real person. A gray box or composite shadow headshot doesn’t communicate a comforting presence.

Make 2018 Your Best Year

Need more convincing? Last year, the SuperLawyers.com directory received 28 percent more profile views than the previous year. The Super Lawyers Expanded Online Attorney Profile is mobile responsive, search-engine friendly and facilitates an easy experience for potential clients wanting to contact you. Get your profile set up today and capitalize on the enhanced exposure provided by the SuperLawyers.com directory.

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