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In the Latest Issue of Southern California Rising Stars Magazine…

In the Latest Issue of Southern California Rising Stars Magazine…

LXRS12.jpgThe latest issue of Southern California Rising Stars magazine is now available online, as a digital magazine, and in print.

Our cover subject, Stuart Graiwer of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, is a commercial real estate lawyer who successfully navigated the global financial meltdown and served as lead transactional attorney for more than $1 billion in real estate deals in 2011. Graiwer is known for negotiating tough while searching for a middle ground. He says:

“If I take an extreme position one way or the other to advance my client’s causes, I have to be prepared for the people on the other side of the table to make the same argument the next time around, because so many institutions are buying, selling and trading to each other on a regular basis. That drives me to be thoughtful and reasonable, but ultimately to be fair about where the market is. If the market at that point is X, we don’t push for Y to get a better deal, because next time they’ll hold you over the coals.”

Feature subject Marc Miles, a business litigator with Callahan & Blaine in Santa Ana, recently represented the widow of an alleged Ponzi schemer. In a 2011 trial, Miles argued that his client wasn’t a co-conspirator and the jury agreed. But the case wasn’t over. And it’s still not over. Michael Estrin has all of the details in “The Thief, His Wife & Her Lawyer.”

Laura Faer, our Q&A, is the statewide education director at Public Counsel who knew what she wanted to do way back in high school:

What I saw growing up, particularly in California, was that the education system is not the same for everybody. You could be a few miles apart and you could have a completely different experience. And if you’re homeless, or if you’re living in substandard housing or non-stable living conditions, or you’re in foster care, then you’re much less likely to get the very basics you need. It was something I always felt was important in terms of leveling the playing field. I was a community organizer, a communications director; I worked for a member of Congress. I did a couple of things before I went to law school, but it was always very clear to me that this was going to be my life’s work.

There’s also an article on David M. Stern and Robert J. Pfister, of Klee, Tuchin, Bogdanoff & Stern, who help same-sex couples file joint bankruptcy statements:

“These are people who are married under the laws of their home state and they’re told by the federal government that they have to lie and say that they’re single?” says Pfister. “I actually find that offensive.”

Finally, in our Word for Word section, Paul Gomez, Sheila Swaroop, and Danica Dougherty talk about the best advice they’ve received.

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