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In the Latest Issue of San Diego Super Lawyers Magazine…

In the Latest Issue of San Diego Super Lawyers Magazine…

SXSL12.jpgThe latest issue of San Diego Super Lawyers magazine is now available.

Our cover subject, John H. Gomez, is a former All-American linebacker and current tattooed surfer who is rarely mistaken for a lawyer but who never forgets to give back:

“He came from a single-parent home, wondering where his next meal would come from,” says Victor M. Núñez, a deputy district attorney and former president of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. “He comes to events, lets his guard down, and just talks to the kids openly. They relate to him and see he’s very successful, and [it] makes them think they can overcome their own obstacles.”

Family law lawyer Alexandra Kwoka is a big proponent of alternative dispute resolution and collaboration. She’s also a fan of her peers:

Kwoka: One of the questions asked of family law attorneys is: How do you handle the fact that when people on a daily basis are in your office and they’re unhappy with themselves and where they are in life? What I’ve come to appreciate is there’s a measure of collegiality among family law practitioners. We’re all facing the same emotional issues in the practice. So you come to appreciate your fellow lawyers.

In our pro bono section, Robert M. Howard fights to keep fireworks going on the Fourth of July, while in our Word for Word section, Mark W. Hansen (Insurance), Karen M. Zobell (Real Estate) and Michelle S. Park (Employment & Labor) relate how their practice areas have changed over the last few years.

Top lists can be found here.

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