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In the Latest Issue of New Jersey Super Lawyers & Rising Stars Magazine

In the Latest Issue of New Jersey Super Lawyers & Rising Stars Magazine

The latest issue of New Jersey Super Lawyers & Rising Stars magazine is now available online, as a digital magazine, and, of course, in print.

Cover subject Domenick Carmagnola, an employment lawyer at Carmagnola & Ritardi, found the recipe for success young in life, while working at his family’s Italian restaurant.

“It taught me how to engage with people,” Carmagnola says in the cover story. “It was very helpful for me when I was finally trying cases.” The once-shy New Jersey native is now known for his people skills, especially when defending companies before juries.

We also hear from feature subject Raymond Gill Jr., who practices personal injury law at Gill & Chamas.

“This is not rocket science,” he insists. “It’s just preparation. Preparation and imagination and the drive to succeed.” Gill is renowned for his use of high technology — and old-fashioned passion. He once fell to his knees, begging jurors to help his client. (They did.)

Real estate attorney Lloyd Tubman with Archer & Greiner talks in her feature about her efforts to help religious groups break down barriers. She went back to school at age 32 to get her bachelor’s degree, and the someone late start launched a meteoric career.

“Real estate law keeps you on your feet, always reading people, always figuring out different personalities,” she says. “It stays complicated, which means it stays interesting.”

Feature subject Michael A. Gill, a family law attorney at Goldenberg Mackler Sayegh Mintz Pfeffer Bonchi & Gill, has blue-collar roots. A former boxer and bricklayer, he has combined book smarts and street smarts into a highly successful practice. But he is not one to incite hostilities in an already highly charged area of the law.

“I don’t want a father making custody an issue if he doesn’t really want custody and is just trying to hurt his ex-wife,” Gill says. “I tell people, ‘My job is to minimize your exposure and get a fair amount.’ “

We also check in with business litigator Keith Biebelberg, with Biebelberg & Martin, who fought for his clients after the developer of their condo put up another building that blocked their panoramic views of Manhattan.

Litigator Christine Vassiliou Harvey, with Lomurro Davison Eastman & Muñoz, tells how she learned the tactical art of negotiation while working for the Navy.

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