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In the Latest Issue of Colorado Super Lawyers & Rising Stars Magazine…

In the Latest Issue of Colorado Super Lawyers & Rising Stars Magazine…

COSL12.jpgThe latest issue of Colorado Super Lawyers & Rising Stars magazine is now available online, as a digital magazine, and, of course, in print.

Our cover subject, Daniel M. Reilly, a business litigation and class action attorney at Reilly Pozner, who wants to put together the best trial team in the country, talks about how they do what they do:

“Envision walking into a warehouse full of thousands of boxes of documents,” says Reilly. “Our job is to walk in the front door at the beginning of the case, and, just before trial, walk out the back door with a file that is no more than 4 and ½ or 5 inches thick and say, ‘Here’s what matters.'”

Feature subject Gary M. Jackson, of DiManna & Jackson in Denver, reflects on a career in law and restoration, including Winks Lodge in Lincoln Hills:

“The lodge was a safe haven for blacks, where they could rent a cabin, fish, hike, and enjoy Colorado’s wilderness,” Jackson says. He believes that legacies build platforms.

The magazine includes an oral history, from half a dozen attorneys, on the law that grew out of the 1999 Columbine shooting:

Richard Kornfeld, a criminal defense attorney with Recht Kornfeld in Denver, who initially co-represented the Klebold family It was a very emotional thing. There was a partners’ meeting shortly after this happened, about the propriety and the appropriateness of us being involved [in the defense of parents whose child killed so many innocent children]. There were some who were very uncomfortable, and there were others, led by Stanton Rosenbaum, patriarch of the firm, basically saying, ‘This is what lawyers do-maybe not what real estate or environment or business lawyers do. But it’s what I do.’ It was like something from a movie.

We conduct an extensive Q&A with Jean Dubofsky, the first woman on the Colorado Supreme Court, as she winds down her career. We interview IP attorney Darin J. Gibby of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton on his new book, “Why Has America Stopped Inventing?” And we ask three attorneys–estate planning & probate lawyer Susan R. Harris, employment & labor lawyer Robert J. Truhlar, and health care attorney Rhonda G. Teitelbaum–how their respective practice areas has changed in the last year.

Top lists can be found here.

It’s all in the latest issue of Colorado Super Lawyers & Rising Stars magazine.

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