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A Look Back at June Super Lawyers Magazine Releases

A Look Back at June Super Lawyers Magazine Releases

2015 Florida Super Lawyers Magazine

FLSLRS15_SM_Cover.jpgOur inaugural issue of Florida Super Lawyers & Rising Stars Magazine, back in 2006, featured Pedro Martinez-Fraga on the cover. A decade later, we’re still going strong.

The front cover features Jeffrey Warren who doesn’t like to talk about himself, but his legal history alone speaks for itself. Widely considered one of the best bankruptcy lawyers in Florida, he has represented clients such as New York Yankee’s owner George Steinbrener, as well as defrauded investors caught in Ponzi Schemes. His most notable case is one in which Warren guided Tampa based manufacturer Celotox Corp through a Chapter 11 reorganization after the company faced over 100,000 asbestos related lawsuits. This case set the precedent for the authority of bankruptcy judges to control reorganizations and preserve assets.

2015 Pennsylvania and Delaware Super Lawyers Magazine

PASLRS15_SM_Cover.jpgIn the issue you’ll learn about husband and wife Dean Phillips and Mary E. Kohart, who have both been practicing law since the early 1980’s. From that point to 1999 they had been practicing at separate firms until Kohart was called upon to litigate a controversial case against the NRA. When it was decided that it would be best to settle the case, Kohart knew she wasn’t the right lawyer. Instead she called in an attorney she knew excelled at settling cases, her husband Dean. Though today they rarely will share a case, Phillips and Kohart can now be found working at the same firm, Elliot Greenleaf.

You can also read a Q&A with civil litigator David A. Strassburger, of Strassburger Mckenna Gutnick & Gefsky. In this interview Strassburger speaks about his rich family history in law, his opinions on media law, and anecdotes on how he has become the successful lawyer he is today.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of our latest Super Lawyers Magazines. Be sure to visit http://www.superlawyers.com/about/digital_magazine.html to see all our digital editions.

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