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July Super Lawyers Magazine Review

July Super Lawyers Magazine Review

As July comes to a close we wanted to recap the editorial subjects for the four magazines released this month: 2015 Southern California Super Lawyers Magazine – Rising Stars, 2015 Washington Super Lawyers Magazine, 2015 Oregon Super Lawyers Magazine and the 2015 Minnesota Super Lawyers Magazine.  

2015 Southern California Super Lawyers LXRS15_SM_Cover.jpgMagazine – Rising Stars 

This issue features attorney Ken Lee, who exemplifies the quintessential American story. Having moved from Seoul, South Korea to America at the age of four, he is a first generation immigrant. After graduating from Harvard Law, Lee’s first major case came after the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. In this case Lee represented real estate leasers in the towers, arguing against insurance companies whether the attacks warranted either one or two claims.

2015 Washington Super Lawyers MagazineWASLRS15_SM_Cover.jpg

In an age where lawyers are likely to specialize in a certain area of law, attorney Kelly Corr stands out from the rest. In his four decades of practicing law he has litigated a diverse range of cases, from a record label lawsuit involving rock stars Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, to a landmark case against Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Throughout his career he also faced much adversity, including the firm he worked at for 23 years disintegrating in 1999. Since then, Corr has co-founded his own firm – Corr Cronin Michelson Baumgardner Fogg & Morr – and seen great success as one of the top lawyers in the Seattle area.

2015 Oregon Super Lawyers Magazine

This edition of Super Lawyers Magazine features four attorneys – Albert Menash, S. Ward Greene, David Markowitz, and Edwin A. Harnden. Though these attorneys each practice at a separate firm, in a different practice area, they have been close friends for decades. Throughout the years their bonds strengthened as they shared information on how to better manage their firms. “We were all small firms at the time, and we all trusted each other. We shared information openly and never divulged it to anyone.” Today this unique group of friends can be seen together supporting civic, arts, education, and environmental organizations.

2015 Minnesota Super Lawyers Magazine

MNSLRS15_SM_Cover.jpgMinnesota attorney Jim Carey has the name of a movie star and a legal career to match. After graduating from William Mitchell law school, Carey knew he wasn’t destined to represent banks and insurance companies. Instead he chose to become a trial lawyer and represent individuals. In 1987, as a recent graduate, he won his first million dollar jury verdict involving a farm accident and since then hasn’t looked back. Today Carey can be found working as the managing partner at SiebenCarey while still maintaining a heavy caseload.

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