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Jon Muth On Strengths, Weaknesses and a Little Luck

Jon Muth On Strengths, Weaknesses and a Little Luck

Success seems to come naturally to general litigator Jon Muth, with Miller Johnson in Grand Rapids, Mich. But when he chatted with us for the 2010 issue of Michigan Super Lawyers & Rising Stars, he insisted on sharing the credit for his meteoric career.

“My greatest strength is probably my big-picture view of things. I’m pretty good at taking a mass of information that isn’t in any particular form, simplifying it, making it coherent and explaining it to someone else. I think my weakness is in the area of attention to detail. I think any good lawyer has to be detail-oriented, but it’s something I just have to work at. I understand the importance of knowing the details in order to make the judgment as to how to formulate the big picture. A lot of any success that I’ve had is due to the efforts of a lot of people who do extraordinarily good work in backup roles. I’m very, very grateful to a whole succession of young lawyers, some of whom are no longer young and have gone on to have very successful careers themselves. The lawyers who get to the top, there isn’t a single one of them who got there by herself or himself. They had to come out of supportive atmospheres, they had to have great people working with them, and a lot of being good at anything is just sort of showing up in the morning and hoping you get lucky.”

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