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John Garvish’s Lesson from Law School: It’s Not About Who Talks Most

John Garvish’s Lesson from Law School: It’s Not About Who Talks Most

Garvish.jpegIn the most recent issue of Texas Rising Stars, which is available now online and in digital form, we asked John Garvish of McKool Smith in Austin one simple question: “What was your most memorable experience from law school?” What he told us was illuminating, not only about classroom life, but life life.

“I remember there was a guy–who we called ‘The Stanford Guy’–and that first day in class, I remember his speaking multiple times in class. I’ve never been shy but you know, it’s the first day and so everyone sort of approaches things with a little trepidation–but not this guy. He led things right off and said a number of things, kind of continued throughout our first semester. We had our first-year exams and those came out and as law school developed, this guy spoke less and less. I had kind of thought that he was the smartest guy in the class and he was going to be our number one guy because of how much he offered–and it turned out that he wasn’t the number one guy. A lot of the guys who you never heard speak out were the guys who really knew what was going on. It’s not how well you speak in class that controls where you end up after law school; it’s how well you master the facts of the cases and appreciate the issues that the professors are trying to teach you.”

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