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Jeffrey Wothers on Landing Lloyd’s of London

Jeffrey Wothers on Landing Lloyd’s of London

Jeffrey-Wothers.jpg Jeffrey A. Wothers, an insurance coverage and business litigation lawyer in Baltimore, is also the young managing partner at Niles, Barton & Wilmer, the oldest law firm in Maryland. We spoke to him for our Q&A, “Insurance Exchange,” in the 2012 issue of Maryland Super Lawyers and have been running blog-exclusive excerpts for the past few weeks.

In the first, Wothers talked about why fraud claims haven’t gone up during the Great Recession. In the second, he expounded on remaining midsized and global. This is our final blog-exclusive excerpt:

How did you land Lloyd’s of London as a client?
Like most things in life, it was luck. I was doing some work locally for somebody who had a contract with London. It was a coverage question. So I did what I do and they liked what I did. This person, the head of a syndicate for the Claims Department, was coming to the U.S. and he asked if he could stop by. He told me he liked my work and would like to use us more.

But to do that I’d have to commit to some things. One would be to come to London and meet with him and his team personally at least once a year–and he would prefer twice a year. Before I came over, he would expect me to submit a memorandum with all of the open matters and reserves and all of that, and that his claims team would have a chance to review the memo before our meeting. And I would sit down in this big conference room with all their folks and they could basically fire questions about the different claims. So I did it and he liked my work and he liked my commitment. And I guess on my second or third trip over, he said “Here are some other folks that you need to meet in the London market. And you can use me as a reference.” Ultimately the Lloyd’s community is a pretty small community–probably a couple hundred people.

Here is a link to the full Q&A, “Insurance Exchange,” in which, among other topics, Wothers explains how the founder of his firm was jailed by Pres. Abraham Lincoln.

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