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Jean Dubofsky: Advice to Young Lawyers

Jean Dubofsky: Advice to Young Lawyers

dubofsky.jpgJean Dubofsky knows supreme courts. She became the first female justice on the Colorado Supreme Court in 1979, and, as an appellate lawyer, was lead counsel for the plaintiffs in overturning the Amendment 2 case (Romer v. Evans) before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1996. In the latest issue of Colorado Super Lawyers & Rising Stars magazine, in a Q&A entitled “Lone Ranger,” we talk with Ms. Dubofsky about her extensive career, the difficulty of being a judge, and how much longer she’ll practice law.

What follows is the first of two blog-exclusive excerpts from that interview. The first can be read here.

Any advice for young lawyers?
If they are interested in doing public law, as opposed to private law, and they finish law school and they’re so much in debt that they have to do commercial work to pay their bills, well, just go for the public jobs. Find them. Keep working through them. Working for local governments or state governments really provides interesting work; and it provides enough money that you can live a nice life.

It’s also a good way to develop powerful contacts.
Oh yes. And you find that you’re not just stuck in one office for the rest of your life. If you start working on water projects, well, in the west, water is really important, and there are a whole lot of things you can be involved in that have water policy issues.

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