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Jaye A. Calhoun in the Wild West of Tax Law

Jaye A. Calhoun in the Wild West of Tax Law

calhoun.jpgIn the most recent issue of Louisiana Super Lawyers, we spoke with former IRS attorney Jaye A. Calhoun of McGlinchey Stafford about her love of all things tax law.

An excerpt:

Q: You’ve called state and local taxes “the Wild West.” Do you enjoy that environment?

A: With state and local taxes, a lot of what you’re doing is not written down. Basically, you have to know, through experience, rules that in a federal context you could go look up somewhere. Perhaps I feel even more useful in the state and local area because of having practiced in the area for so long. It’s hard to see how a taxpayer, a business owner coming into it without the background I have would ever figure it out. The fun part about this–my son Dawson plays Nintendo, and when he’s playing a video game, he’s having fun. A lot of [my work] feels like puzzle solving, too. When you’re able to tell a client, as I did recently, “You actually didn’t have a return filing obligation”–they paid half a million dollars in taxes and a refund claim is a good idea–then you’re saving people large amounts of money in situations where they may have never figured it out themselves. So it definitely feels like the top level in Nintendo!

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