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In the new issue of Georgia Super Lawyers

In the new issue of Georgia Super Lawyers

* Former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears of Schiff Hardin is off the bench and in the game.

* Elder law attorney Ruthann Lacey of Ruthann P. Lacey, P.C. blends professionalism with compassion.

* When breaking up is hard to do, family lawyer Randy Kessler of Kessler, Schwarz & Solomiany is the man to see.

* Class action attorney C. Neal Pope of Pope, McGlamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison & Norwood talks about the best mentoring in the world, the greatest tool in cross-examination and what juries can’t forgive.

 * Jim Matthews of Blasingame Burch Garrard & Ashley uses his ballplayer grading scale for med-mal cases.

 * After an epiphany at 57, corporate lawyer Scott Schulten of Schulten Ward & Turner hit the road.

 * What comes after Ph.D.? For intellectual property lawyer Tim Xia of Morris Manning & Martin, it’s J.D.

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