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In the new issue of Colorado Super Lawyers

In the new issue of Colorado Super Lawyers

Malcom Wheeler of Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell can win a case just by showing up.

Employment lawyer Diane King of King & Greisen takes on big companies like Lockheed Martin.

L. Martin Nussbaum and Charles Goldberg of Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons represent churches, mosques, temples.

Megan Sherr of Sherr Puttman Akins Lamb and Valeri Pappas of Davis & Ceriani and their mentors.

Ted White of Moye White and the Boettcher Foundation.

Marco Chayet of Chayet & Danzo chose elder law because of a landmark (and personal) case.

Lawrence Litvak of Litvak Litvak Mehrtens and Epstein talks cases, judges and his “sink or swim” philosophy.

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