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Instagram: Your Firm’s New Best Friend

Instagram: Your Firm’s New Best Friend

If you think Instagram is only for millennials, think again. It’s fast becoming one of the top marketing channels for building your brand and meeting potential clients, with relatively little effort. That’s good news for a top attorney like you with a busy calendar.

Not convinced? Super Lawyers’ new playbook, Not Just for Travel or Food Bloggers: How Top Attorneys Can Use Instagram to Connect with Potential Clients, explains how embracing the fastest-growing social network can help to convey the values of your firm, build trust and showcase your exceptional reputation.


Social media is about engaging your audience and building personal relationships. Instagram is based on building those relationships visually. Images are powerful and can succeed where words fail. Studies show that humans remember approximately 10 percent of what they hear, 20 percent of what they read and 80 percent of what they see. With those statistics, it’s no wonder that more than 71 percent of U.S. businesses are on the platform.

We all know that people connect with images on an emotional level. Therefore, giving potential clients a glimpse behind the scenes of your practice and showing them your human-side through imagery can be key to securing future business and building trust. Now their connection to you has become personal and that makes Instagram a powerful tool.


The best way to make Instagram work for you is to first know your audience. Grab their attention through images that they find intriguing. For instance, Big Horn Law, who represents victims of motorcycle accidents, fosters connection by posting images of their attorneys and their bikes. Take their example and connect on a personal level by sharing your hobbies and interests. Most importantly, put some thought into showing them exactly who you want them to see.

We realize that this is easier said than done, but don’t worry, we have you covered. Download our new Playbook on Instagram for Super Lawyers selectees to learn more about how you can bring awareness to your firm and set the stage for Instagram success.

How Top Attorneys Can Use Instagram to Connect with Potential Clients

Instagram: Your Firm's New Best Friend 1

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