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“…I have initial consults who walk in with the magazine in their hands…”

“…I have initial consults who walk in with the magazine in their hands…”

I’ve been reviewing the feedback from the readers of Super Lawyers magazine — more than five thousand respondents to our latest readership survey. You’re giving us meaningful feedback on the magazine, the nomination and selection process and on the honor of being named to the Super Lawyers list. On the latter, the feedback points to an increase in new clients and referrals, retention of existing clients, and recognition from colleagues and peers as a result of inclusion to the Super Lawyers list. 

I have received some referrals because of my inclusion in the Super Lawyers list. Surprisingly, some of the referrals have come from out of state.”

 ” It was an honor, and I received a number of congratulatory notes from some of the best healthcare lawyers in the state. From the publicity, I received two new healthcare clients.” 

This is a well respected list in our industry and many times, referral attorneys will let me know that they are referring a case to us because of the inclusion on the Super Lawyers list.”

Thanks to those of you who participated in the 2009/2010 readership survey; we are scouring the feedback and will put it to good use as we seek to continue to provide value to the legal practice through the Super Lawyers rating service, magazine and website.

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