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Be Immersed in Legal Pop Culture with “Word for Word”

Be Immersed in Legal Pop Culture with “Word for Word”

When paging through the latest Super Lawyers Magazine, don’t forget to stop by the “Word for Word” highlight at the beginning of each issue. “Word for Word” showcases three attorneys and asks them a question ranging from “Which television or film star do you most identify with?” to “Which U.S. Supreme Court Justice would you take to lunch? And where?”

In the 2015 Maryland Super Lawyers Magazine we posed the question, “What’s your favorite legal-themed film?” to Erek L. Barron, C. Sei-Hee Arii and Tamar B. Goorevitz. Below is a snapshot of each of their responses.


My Cousin Vinny

“Some of the worst stereotypes of the North and the South collide, but the film intertwines many of the legal profession’s most enduring stereotypes into a great comedy and a teaching tool.”

“In addition to being very funny, the movie has great examples of effective-and ineffective-cross-examination and expert witness testimony.”

Erek L. Barron/Counsel, Whiteford, Taylor & Preston; Bethesda; General Litigation

To Kill a Mockingbird

“There are a few serious moments. In one scene Roxie Hart drives home what is, for me, the most fundamental point that a criminal defense lawyer can never forget: that your client’s liberty rests largely in your hands.”

“Having handled many trials, I can say the actual experience can be less than scintillating, with only occasional moments of spontaneity. If you were to believe what you see on screen, you might be inclined to think that litigation is filled with gotcha moments, the revelation of sordid secrets and sudden explosions of courtroom violence.”

C. S-Hee Arii /Founder, Arii Law Firm; Rockville; Criminal Defense

A Few Good Men

“The courtroom scenes got my adrenaline pumping, especially in the stellar cross-examinations. Every litigator dreams of demolishing a witness on cross-examination like Lt. Kaffee (the character played by Tom Cruise).”

“Of course, there is plenty of Hollywood influence on the film-counsel making arguments to the jury in the middle of cross-examination-but the movie also contains some great lessons for attorneys about demeanor, preparation and strategy during a jury trial.”

Tamara B. Goorevitz /Principal, Franklin & Prokopik; Baltimore; Civil Litigation

We hope you’ll check out this fun and exciting highlight next time you pick up a Super Lawyers Magazine. Be sure to visit SuperLawyers.com/Digital to read all of our magazines online.

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