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How Will you Prove You’re the “Best of the Best”?

How Will you Prove You’re the “Best of the Best”?

There’s a preconceived notion out there that attorneys fashion a high opinion of themselves. Whether it’s the law school they attended or their win/loss record in cases, the stigma exists. Interestingly enough, in a recent Thomson Reuters study, attorneys in small law firms ranked being “the best of the best” third out of 14 priorities when it came to goals that were most important to them.


But how do you go about being thought of as the “best of the best”? What are some of the things you can do to make your firm stand out? We took a look at three ways to position your firm to be recognized.

Give Back
Charitable and pro bono legal work provides opportunities to meet people with very different backgrounds and interests whom you may not otherwise meet in your daily life. Fundraising for charities, serving as a board member for a nonprofit and the like will connect you with local business leaders and increase your connections. These networking opportunities may also have the added benefit of generating business for you.

Be Visible to Neutral Third Parties
Your legal accomplishments don’t just look good on paper, they are powerful third-party validations that build consumer trust and differentiate your firm from the one down the street. When an unbiased, reputable organization gives your firm its stamp of approval, it can quickly benefit your reputation. Third-party validations such as selection to a Super Lawyers list are among the preeminent ways of bolstering your reputation.

Share Your Accomplishments With Others
One of the strongest and least expensive ways to broaden your firm’s footprint is to promote legal achievements and accolades. Chances are you have recognitions to tout such as certifications, recommendations, scholarly writings and awards. You’ve earned them, but are you promoting them? Download our playbook Leveraging Your Legal Accolades to learn more about spreading the word about legal achievements to maximize your visibility.

Being the “best of the best” is one thing-however telling the world is another. Make sure you do both.

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