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Guess What — You’re the Brand

Guess What — You’re the Brand

I’ve seen firms spend tens of thousands, perhaps more, on navel gazing exercises to determine exactly who they are and how they want to be perceived in the marketplace. One firm I know spent months on a logo redesign and then called a press conference to roll out the new look. Woopee!

I never understood this.

Except in rare instances, it seems to me that clients hire lawyers, not law firms. So shouldn’t marketing reflect that reality?

We’ve all seen the fancy websites and brochures that describe the firm in eloquent legal marketing blather – a full service law firm, committed to excellence, we understand the needs of our clients, for more than 70 years providing zealous representation, dedication, integrity, concern, blah, blah, blather. It’s all a waste of space and money as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve always believed that the only brand that really counts in legal marketing is the brand of the individual lawyer.  The law firm is nothing more than a collection of individuals that is constantly changing.

The smart marketing dollar is invested in the individual lawyer, not the ephemeral firm. 

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