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Getting Social With Your Selection

Getting Social With Your Selection

Legal consumers, especially millennials, are searching for you on social media. According to a recent FindLaw study, 37 percent of millennials, and 20 percent of general legal consumers are incorporating social media into their search for a lawyer. If you aren’t there, these clients will go to a firm that is.

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So how do you go about cultivating a social presence? Highlighting achievements are a sure-fire way of creating buzz around your firm and enhancing your brand. Legal accolades, such as selection to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list, are among the preeminent ways of getting great publicity.

By promoting your selection through social media you build brand awareness, give people a reason to visit your website and grow your follower base. The transparency that social media can bring builds trust and loyalty with potential clients. Allowing your customers to have an inside look or go behind the scenes is an opportunity to share with them stories of your firm’s success and show your human side. Both you and your audience learn about each other, creating opportunities for interaction.

There is however a fine line for what’s appropriate and engaging and what’s trying too hard or with bad taste. So maybe it’s not your stance on politics. Rather, post photos from a volunteer day at a local food shelter or a client appreciation event hosted by your firm. Conversely, a link to a well written blog showcasing legal current events uses the news to explain legal issues and how your firm handles them.

If you’re not a regular social media user you may ask yourself; what does it actually look like to do a post on Facebook, or how do I keep my Twitter post under 140 characters? Below are a few easy post examples you can use touting your selection to a Super Lawyers list.

Single Attorney Post: I am honored to have been selected to the (YEAR) (STATE) #SuperLawyers list! <link to press release>

Firm Post: We’re proud to announce the selection of (attorney name) to the (YEAR) (STATE) #SuperLawyers list! This is an exclusive list, recognizing no more than five percent of attorneys in (STATE). <link to article>

Single Attorney Post: I am honored to have been selected to the (YEAR) (STATE) #SuperLawyers list! <link to press release>

Firm Post: We’re honored to share the selection of attorney (attorney name) to the (YEAR) (STATE) #SuperLawyers list! Find out more today. <link to article>

You’ve done the hard work to be recognized; now it’s time to spread the news and create awareness for your firm’s brand. Download our playbook Leveraging Your Legal Accolades to use as a guide. Chances are you have recognitions to tout such as certifications, recommendations, scholarly writings and awards.

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