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Future of Content: The Power of Video

Future of Content: The Power of Video

Did you know nearly 86% of the U.S. Internet audience watches online video? What are you doing to engage visitors on your firm’s online properties?

About 52 million American adults tune in to original video content each month*. This is an increase of 7 million more than the previous year. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic**.


Videos are highly engaging to their viewers. Many consumers would rather watch a 20-minute video than spend 20 minutes reading text-based content. For website visitors, engagement is extremely powerful. The longer they spend taking in your message, the more likely they will use your services, and the more they will come back for more information.

High definition videos provide a personal way for potential clients to learn about your practice and give your firm a credible voice. It’s not surprising that videos have established their popularity online.

As you can see, the numbers are staggering, making video content marketing a very effective method in driving traffic to your website.

New Video Solution: Bring Life To Your Firm

Looking to bolster your firm’s online presence and create a personal connection with clients before you even meet them? Look no further than Super Lawyers Video. Answer frequently asked questions, introduce attorneys at your firm, or even post monthly video blogs with this brand new tool.

Our brand new Super Lawyers Video offers the flexibility and creativity you need to create a portfolio of videos for any attorney at your firm. This new video package helps build trust with potential clients and is available with a one-time payment for either a half-day or full-day shoot.

Our competitive video marketing solution aligns with industry standards and capitalizes on our legal expertise, providing your firm with the following:

  • Video Producer – Before your shoot even takes place, a video producer works with you to determine your key messages and strategy in a pre-production call. After the shoot, they continue to manage the production of each video.
  • Professional Video Crew – Our experienced video team will film high quality video that conveys your firm’s message clearly, dynamically and professionally.
  • Video Editing – Our team of video experts edits the footage and provides you with the finished video.

Super Lawyers Video is a perfect package for firms because it allows you to create videos for multiple attorneys – whether they have been selected by Super Lawyers or not (non-selected attorney videos will not have Super Lawyers branding). Be part of the present and future of content creation by purchasing Super Lawyers Video today.

*Interactive Advertising Bureau

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