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A Look Back at February Super Lawyers Magazine Releases

A Look Back at February Super Lawyers Magazine Releases

As February comes to a close we wanted to recap some of the editorial subjects for the three magazines released this past month: 2016 San Diego Super Lawyers Magazine, 2016 Indiana Super Lawyers Magazine and 2016 Georgia Super Lawyers Magazine.

2016 San Diego Super Lawyers Magazine

SXSLRS16_SPSM_Cover2.jpgIn this issue, we hear from Cooley’s Koji Fukumura, who is a member of the American Bar Association and currently holds the position of Vice Chair of the Section. Born in Japan and raised in Hawaii this commercial litigation attorney has seen it all. “He’s a good balance between a laid-back Hawaiian and a street fighter from Philadelphia,” says Brian Robbins, co-founder and the managing partner of Robbins Arroyo, who has faced off against Fukumura in complex security litigation cases. “And he always shows good judgment on how to balance those two sides.”

Through his vast experience he has come up with four core principles every young lawyers should live by. The first is every lawyer is responsible for his or her own development.

“Most lawyers get a case and research all the related cases, looking at the problem as a self-contained world,” he says. “I tell young lawyers if I hand them a case: They can take that approach, or they can learn about that [larger] area of law on their own-gaining a bigger understanding of security or corporate governance to get the big picture.”

2016 Indiana Super Lawyers Magazine

INSLRS16_SM_Cover2.jpgIn this issue, you’ll read about how Richard Shevitz got involved in two massive class action cases on behalf of Holocaust victims and their heirs. Richard’s practice involves class action claims for securities fraud, healthcare and consumer protection matters. He played an active role in the historic class action litigation against Swiss banks, which was resolved for $1.25 billion, as well as the prosecution of Holocaust-related claims against leading German industrial enterprises, which were resolved through a $5 billion fund.

“Both Holocaust settlements were regarded as a symbolic gesture, or rough justice, because there is absolutely no amount in the world that can possibly compensate for the horrors that these individuals experienced,” says Shevitz. “No other cases I’ve ever worked on come near the moral, historical and political significance of these suits.”

Read more about how Richard Shevitz put his class action know-how to use for Holocaust victims.

2016 Georgia Super Lawyers Magazine

GASLRS16_SM_Cover2.jpgFor our front cover we featured Peter A. Law, who is the senior principal at Law & Moran, a six-lawyer trial firm dedicated to the representation of individuals who have suffered injuries and death due to the negligence of others.

Law is behind some of Georgia’s largest jury awards, including a $54 million verdict in a 2008 tractor-trailer negligence case that resulted in the death of a 50-year-old nursing assistant; and a $73 million verdict in a 2015 premises liability case for injuries suffered by a 53-year-old former teacher when his apartment exploded.

“His track record alone, with all those verdicts and settlements, places him among the top personal injury lawyers in the U.S., so let’s not limit this to Georgia,” says Paul Weathington, a medical malpractice defense attorney whose streak of 50 consecutive victories ended in 2012, against Law. Law got punitive damages for his client-“more than anyone predicted,” Weathington says. “His record is extraordinary, and there are probably tons of confidential settlements I have no knowledge of.”

We hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of our latest Super Lawyers Magazines. Be sure to visit SuperLawyers.com/Digital to see all of our digital editions.

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