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Entertainment Attorney Eric Weissmann Talks Awards and Oscars

Entertainment Attorney Eric Weissmann Talks Awards and Oscars

Last year we interviewed Beverly Hills entertainment attorney Eric Weissmann, of the firm Weissmann Wolff Bergman Coleman Grodin & Evall, for Southern California Super Lawyers magazine. The full Q&A, “Take Your Violin and Go Back to Vienna,” can be read at the link. The first part of the unpublished excerpts can be read here. What follows is part II…

eric-weissman.jpgYou’re a non-voting member of the Motion Picture Academy?
Yes. That means I get all the privileges of being a member but I don’t have to vote.

What are the privileges?
The privileges are: You get to go to the Academy screenings; you get DVDs but only [from] studios who don’t seem to know you can’t vote anyway. And events. And you get a chance to buy tickets to go to the Academy Awards. It’s nice to be a member and not too many lawyers are members.

Do you go?
The screenings or the Academy Awards?

The Academy Awards.
Those I go to every once in a while. It depends if I’m interested or not. It’s kind of an ordeal so I generally do not go.

I went when the new theater was opened. I went one time when the president of the Academy invited me. But I do go to the screenings at the Academy Theater from time to time. And during the Academy season, I can go into any movie theater, show my Academy card, and get in for free. Only for pictures that are going to be nominated, you know, not for…

… a picture starring the Rock.
Maybe not.

You’re also the only lawyer who’s been a recipient of “Friend of the Independent Producers.”
The award, yes. It’s very nice because there’s a lovely pyramid of Plexiglass and inside it looks like film but it’s really shoestring. I have that on my desk.

Why did they give it to you?
I gave a course, I do a lot of speaking, I gave them money. Various things. It’s nice to get awards.

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