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Super Lawyers Business Edition: Julie Jacobs and AOL’s shift from an ISP to a new media company

Super Lawyers Business Edition: Julie Jacobs and AOL’s shift from an ISP to a new media company

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In the 2011 Super Lawyers Business Edition, among the general counsel profiled is Julie Jacobs of AOL. Jacobs joined AOL as a corporate lawyer in 2000, coming from the Washington, D.C. office of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy where she focused on international work, including development and telecommunications projects. At AOL, she saw the Time Warner merger and separation, and, since her appointment to general counsel in the spring of 2010, has overseen a raft of acquisitions. In the last five years alone, AOL has acquired more than 30 companies, including The Huffington Post. Working for the digital media company means that Jacobs, like Disney’s Alan Braverman, is at the forefront of seeing the immense changes as technology continues to evolve. An excerpt:

One of the things Jacobs likes best about being a corporate counsel, especially at a media company, is the range of work as AOL shifts from its traditional role as an Internet service provider to [AOL Chairman and CEO Tim] Armstrong‘s vision of an advertising-supported new media conglomerate. Jacobs describes Armstrong as a “phenomenal leader” and believes in his vision for AOL. “There is a need for content, and if we have quality content, advertising will follow,” she says. “AOL has a legitimate shot at being one of the top sources for content.” (Jacobs herself stopped reading newspapers four years ago. Instead, she gets her news from AOL, HuffPost and other news sites. She still gets Time magazine at home.)

To learn more about the changes Jacobs manages within the company, how her time in private practice helped her develop a strength of bringing people together, and why her longtime friend Desiree Gruber isn’t surprised at Jacobs’ success, read the full profile online or here in our digital mag.

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