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Debunking Super Lawyers Myths

Debunking Super Lawyers Myths

You’ve heard it before…..”He must have paid a lot of money to be on the front cover of the magazine”, “How many people did she have to petition to be selected?” or even “His advertising dollars got him in the magazine.” This blog post exposes some of the wide-ranging myths we hear about our selection process – and the facts that debunk them.


Advertising improves the chances of being selected to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list.

TRUTH: Big fat no. There is a strict separation between the patented selection process and advertising. In fact, print advertising sales do not even begin until after the Super Lawyers research team has selected and notified all attorneys for that year. Print advertising is simply a vehicle for selected attorneys to further promote their selection or describe their expertise to potential clients and referral sources through Super Lawyers third-party validation and distribution. Additionally, all attorneys selected, regardless of year of selection, are listed on SuperLawyers.com with a complimentary basic online attorney profile and a listing in the printed version of our magazine.

Selection to the Super Lawyers list is all about nominations.

TRUTH: The nomination phase is simply the first step in our process. Lawyers enter the candidate pool for further evaluation by receiving a nomination, being identified by our research staff or by submitting information about their practice for consideration. After the candidate pool is established, the Super Lawyers research team conducts detailed research evaluations based on 12 indicators for each attorney in the candidate pool. From there, final candidates are sent to an attorney panel based on primary practice area to be given a final peer evaluation. It is after these three steps that the Super Lawyers list is finalized each year per region.

The more nominations you get, the better chance you’ll be selected.

TRUTH: No matter how many nominations one receives, it will not guarantee selection. As you read above, nominations are just one part of the process, primarily used to create a candidate pool for further research. Soliciting nominations from other lawyers can result in disregarded nominations and, in egregious cases, can lead to disqualification. While important, the nomination phase is simply the first step in our process, but we limit the value of those points so that no matter how many nominations one receives, it will not guarantee selection.

If I get selected this year, I will definitely get selected next year.

TRUTH: Each year we conduct the Super Lawyers selection process using the most current information. When we list an attorney one year, we will keep that lawyer in the candidate pool the following year, though there is some turnover from year-to-year. The selection we make one year does not guarantee future selection to the list.

For more information on Super Lawyers patented selection process be sure to visit http://www.superlawyers.com/about/selection_process.html.

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