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David Knows Bo

David Knows Bo

Kotzian.jpgIn the 2011 issue of Michigan Super Lawyers, cover subject David Kotzian, an employment attorney based out of Farmington Hills, discusses the time he represented coaching legend Bo Schembechler in an employment matter against the Detroit Tigers. An excerpt:

The lawsuit fostered such publicity that reporters camped out in the law firm’s lobby. “Bo took it all in stride. It never seemed to faze him,” says Kotzian, who recalls the legendary football coach as “just a regular guy like any other client. He didn’t come to us with a team of advisers or an entourage. It was just Bo.”

Kotzian, a die-hard baseball fan, knew his limits in terms of the sport, so he didn’t try to talk much football with the coach. He says Schembechler knew his limits, too, and listened to their legal advice. “He was an excellent client.” 

In turn, Kotzian says, he never treated Schembechler like a living legend. “I felt that the minute I treated Bo like a celebrity instead of a client, I’d lose some credibility and objectivity in representing him.”

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