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David Boies in New York Super Lawyers — Metro Edition

David Boies in New York Super Lawyers — Metro Edition

The newly released New York Super Lawyers — Metro Edition features a cover story on one of the most celebrated trial lawyers of his generation. David Boies of Boies, Schiller & Flexner, talks about his childhood, his dyslexia, the most important characteristics a good lawyer needs, some of his more famous victories (U.S. v. Microsoft, Westmoreland v. CBS), and his most infamous defeat (Bush v. Gore).

For Boies, losing Bush v. Gore was not just a legal defeat.

“I lost the whole fucking country,” he says with a grimace.

You can read the entire Boies profile on superlawyers.com along with stories about other top New York lawyers, including: Deryck Palmer; partners in law and life Thomas Moore and Judith Livingston; Roger Zissu; Harriet Cohen; civil rights attorneys Michael Ratner, Arthur Eisenberg and Manuel Vargas; and a Q&A with Arnold Jacobs.


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