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Get Consistent with Your Firm’s Online Presence

Get Consistent with Your Firm’s Online Presence

Consider for a moment that your primary doctor refers you to a chiropractor in your area. When you visit the website the URL shows www.hopkinschiropratic.com. Upon poking around a bit you learn the business is actually named Hopkins & Sims Chiropractic. Next you visit their Facebook page, where instead of talking about chiropractic services the majority of the content is centered on acupuncture. In addition, you notice the phone number on their website doesn’t match the Google business listing. Would this turn you off to the business as a whole and would you continue looking for another chiropractor?


Even the slightest of inconsistencies can make a lasting impression on the legal consumer. When it comes to finding an attorney online, 73% of people will lose trust in a brand if the business listing is not accurate.* Additionally, more than 70% of people who search the Internet for an attorney look for information about them that isn’t on their website.**

Building credibility means making sure you’re always getting credit for your work. Your information must be identical everywhere that it appears online. Whether it’s the biography on your firm’s website, directory listings or the nonprofit board you serve on, make sure all your information is accurate and up-to-date.

It’s also important to be very clear on the services you offer. If your practice is 75 percent personal injury, be sure that the information you have on your site suits that audience. That last thing you want to have happen is lose out on potential business just because you weren’t thorough with the services your firm provides.

To learn more about keeping things consistent with your firm’s priorities, download the Super Lawyers Playbook Building Real Trust in a Virtual World: An Attorney’s Guide.

*FindLaw White Paper – Are You Ignoring a Third of Your Firm’s Business Potential?


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