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Connecting the Dots: The Correlation Between Print and Online Marketing

Connecting the Dots: The Correlation Between Print and Online Marketing

For some lawyers, the industry is more exciting and dynamic than ever, with technology bringing about rapid change and new opportunities in the practice of law. Whether its billing software like Time59, or research tools like Fastcase, there are plenty of handy technologies right at your fingertipsIn addition to technology, law firms are embracing social media like never before. In fact, 41% of firms now have social media sites with another one-third of small firms researching legal products and solutions on social media before purchasing.*

But when it comes to building a sense of trust with clients, magazine advertising still has its place in the digital world. Did you know magazines rank #1 out of 16 mediums for consumers having a positive and credible impression of advertising? In addition, 53% of magazine readers took action or had a more favorable opinion about an advertiser because of magazine advertising.**

The best way to market your law firm is to utilize as many channels as possible to reach every corner of your target demographic by combining print and online advertising. Nowhere does this ring true more in the legal landscape that with us at Super Lawyers. Did you know across all 2015 Super Lawyers and Rising Stars selectees, a magazine advertiser averaged 2.5x more page views to their Super Lawyers online profile after their magazine released compared to those without magazine advertisements?***

We recently highlighted this connection by conducting a case study on Kirk Stange from Stange Law Firm, PC. Kirk’s deliberate, multi-faceted marketing approach has led to greater brand awareness for the firm and an increase in high-quality leads. In addition, he has seen traffic levels to his Premium Online Attorney Profile increase in the months following the release of Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers Magazine.

In fact, traffic to Kirk’s Premium Online Attorney Profile increased twenty five times more than that of non-print purchasers across all online profile types in Missouri and Kansas since October 2015. Click here to learn more and view our full case study about Kirk.

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** The Magazine Factbook
*** Data gathered from a 2015 profile analysis of print vs. non-print advertisers

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