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Connect with Motivated Clients as the Expert in Your Field

Connect with Motivated Clients as the Expert in Your Field

Looking to highlight your expertise to a group of consumers at an affordable price? Our Ask Super Lawyers Answer Page allows you to showcase your knowledge in a specific area of law with a state-specific question and answer set. This product is only available to attorneys that have been selected to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list (from any year).

An Ask Super Lawyers Answer Page is an advertorial spin on a traditional Q&A that uses optimized content to direct consumers with a specific legal issue to your personal Answer Page. Answer Page features include:

  • Optimized visibility in search results (more than 80% of SuperLawyers.com traffic comes from major search engines)
  • Your contact information and photo
  • Strategically placed contact buttons and form
  • Links to your SuperLawyers.com online attorney profile
  • Custom link to your firm website
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Ask Super Lawyers Video (if applicable)

Here is an example of how an Ask Super Lawyers Answer Page works: If you search for “Can I sue an uninsured driver in Florida?” You will see that one of the first few organic searches is populated from Ask.SuperLawyers.com. When you click on the link, you are directed to several calls to action. The attorney’s website, phone, email, etc. are showcased, allowing for effortless client conversion. Learn more about Ask Super Lawyers Answer Pages.


Current Answer Page Subscriber? Update Your Answer Today!

Visitors to Ask.SuperLawyers.com spend an average of 4 minutes 30 seconds reading the top 10 performing Answer Pages. The key to maximizing exposure on your page is regularly updating the content. Fresh content is more important than ever to search engines. Keep your Answer Page original and updated often, and major search engines will reward you for it. Check out the top three things to consider when adding new content to your page:

1. Content is King

  • Answers should be more drawn out, not just 2-3 sentences
  • Do not duplicate content because it negatively impacts search results

2. Be Mindful of Word Count

  • 250-400 words per answer is a good rule of thumb
  • Don’t be afraid to use lists and bullet points

3. Add Links to your Answer Pages

  • Adding links to Answer Pages will help boost performance
  • Custom links to your firm website and social media sharing buttons will drive traffic

To update your content visit My.SuperLawyers.com and go to the “Manage Your Profile” tab, scroll to the “Ask Questions” section and click “Edit Ask Super Lawyers Page.” If you’re looking to purchase an Answer Page visit the online store.

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