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Check out the January Super Lawyers Digital Magazine Releases

Check out the January Super Lawyers Digital Magazine Releases

January is a busy month for Super Lawyers with the release of four magazines: 2015 Ohio & Kentucky Super Lawyers Magazine, 2015 Maryland Super Lawyers Magazine, 2015 Louisiana Super Lawyers Magazine and the 2015 Illinois Super Lawyers Magazine. Going forward, we’ll be posting a blog each month to give you a preview of each magazine at the time of release. These posts will feature front cover stories, briefs and question & answer highlights. 

2015 Ohio & Kentucky Super Lawyers Magazine

OH_Cover.jpgThe front cover features the story of Cincinnati litigator Carolyn Taggart at Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, whose civil defense work has led to involvement in headline-grabbing cases such as the early lawsuits against silicone breast-implant manufacturers and suits following the trampling deaths at the 1979 The Who concert at Riverfront Coliseum.

We also sit down with Alex Shumate, managing partner for North America of recently merged firm Squire Patton Boggs. The Columbus lawyer has been appointed to the Ohio State University Board by three governors. He is a calming force in the arena of government-relations and administrative law.

2015 Maryland Super Lawyers Magazine

MD_Cover.jpgIn this issue, we sat down with Benjamin Rosenberg of Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, who has perfected the art of playing well with others. We also talked with Kramon & Graham’s M. Natalie McSherry about the many McSherrys of Maryland law and her experience as a woman attorney.

Also be sure to check out our “Word for Word” section where we had some fun by posing the question “What’s your favorite legal film”? See one the responses below.

My Cousin Vinny

“Some of the worst stereotypes of the North and the South collide, but the film intertwines many of the legal profession’s most enduring stereotypes into a great comedy and a teaching tool. In addition to being very funny, the movie has great examples of effective-and ineffective-cross-examination and expert witness testimony.”

Erek L. Barron / Counsel, Whiteford Taylor & Preston; Bethesda; Litigation

LA_Cover.jpg2015 Louisiana Super Lawyers Magazine

In this issue, Lynn Luker shares what she learned in her six months on the civil district court bench. Lynn Luker returned to her business litigation and civil litigation defense practice in January after a six-month appointment to the Orleans Parish Civil District Court. We spoke with her in the middle of her judicial stint and she had this to say. “As an advocate you have a side and you argue, and as a judge, you have to get it right. And that’s much more difficult.” 

2015 Illinois Super Lawyers Magazine

In this issue, Jim Franczek tells us about the delicate art of negotiating labor contracts. Franczek, co-founder of Franczek Radelet, is on the management side but never forgets the contributions of the workers involved. He often starts things off by bringing the sides together over a table of good food.

IL_Cover.jpgTo Franczek, who co-founded Franczek Radelet in 1994, collective bargaining among many interested players is a “multidimensional puzzle. Getting it to snap together is not easy, but once it does, it’s incredible.” He sees his job as helping parties understand the dimensions of their problem without imposing his own ideas.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of our latest Super Lawyers Magazines. Be sure to visit http://www.superlawyers.com/about/digital_magazine.html to see all our digital editions.

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