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Charles Faruki’s Simple Advice

Charles Faruki’s Simple Advice

In the latest issue of Ohio Super Lawyers, available in print, online and digital versions, business litigator Charles Faruki, co-founder of Faruki Ireland & Cox in Dayton, talks about an award-winning training and community service program he initiated at his firm.

He also reveals – in simple terms – his proven formula for success.

“I always try to follow the rule of ‘simplify and simplify again’,” says Faruki. “Too many lawyers over-try their case. That is, they want to put in every fact they know. All the facts aren’t equally important.

“I build the opening statement around the themes and the core realities before I get to telling [the jury] what the testimony is going to be. … You have to offer them a structured path to get to the result that you want. I’m not saying that I have a copyright on this or that other lawyers wouldn’t do similar things. I have done it that way for a long time, and it works for me.”

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