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Case Study: Reaching the Right Clients

Case Study: Reaching the Right Clients

Attorneys want the phone to ring, signaling a steady stream of clients. But what happens when you don’t just want a bunch of cases, but the right ones? What if you’re looking to grow, but within a specific market?

Case Study: Reaching the Right Clients 1That’s what Philadelphia lawyer NiaLena Caravasos faced as she started her own law firm and quickly established herself as a top criminal defense and white collar crime attorney.

“Cases are a very big investment, not just in time, energy and resources, but emotionally to really be able to help someone,” said Caravasos. “I’ve become very selective about who I will take on as a client.”

Because she is a solo practitioner, Caravasos needs to be selective with her marketing budget. She chooses Super Lawyers because it allows her to both promote her firm and her accomplishments.

Caravasos worked hard to develop a practice known for compassion and success. As her firm grew, she saw an opportunity to leverage her accolades to gain high-quality cases worthy of her skill and determination. She has been a 10-year selection to the Super Lawyers list.

Attempting to increase the number of quality clients contacting the firm, Caravasos invested in a Premium Online Attorney Profile and TopSpots advertisements on SuperLawyers.com. In addition, she purchased print advertisements in the 2017 Pennsylvania and Delaware Super Lawyers Magazine, and the special attorney section of Philadelphia Magazine.

By pairing print advertising with her online presence in the SuperLawyers.com directory, she is receiving an increase in contacts to the firm and expanding the reach of her solo practice.

“Investing with Super Lawyers is an honor,” Caravasos said. “I’m really promoting the recognition instead of just being in a directory. It sets the stage with people. It gives them confidence.”

In the last nine months after the 2017 Pennsylvania and Delaware Super Lawyers Magazine, Caravasos saw a spike in contacts, receiving 32 contacts to her firm. In addition, the impressions to her TopSpots advertisement grew by 40 percent in the last year. Her dedicated and varied marketing approach expanded the reach of her firm and she received more leads.

For a more detailed look at Caravasos’ integrated marketing approach, check out the entire case study.

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