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Case Study: Leveraging a Selection to Expand a Niche Practice

Case Study: Leveraging a Selection to Expand a Niche Practice

Claudia Lagos is a four-time Super Lawyers Rising Stars selectee specializing in criminal defense and representing clients in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. Early in her career, Lagos relied solely on referrals, but recently she invested in an upgraded SuperLawyers.com profile and advertising opportunities through the SuperLawyers.com directory.

She aimed at leveraging her selection to the Rising Stars list and further establishing herself as a go-to attorney for those facing criminal charges in the Boston area. As a result, she collaborated with Super Lawyers to expand her client list by getting her name in front of legal consumers online and creating better visibility in a large market.

“Clients can trust that I’m a good attorney if I’m on the list,” Lagos said. “When they come in, they already know that they want me because of what they’ve seen on SuperLawyers.com. Rather than sitting there and marketing myself, that job is already done and I can just get on with lawyering.”

Lagos’ increased online presence and targeted advertising has paid off with an increase in profile views on the Super Lawyers directory and potential clients taking more action. Lagos received more than quadruple the clicks-to-call or clicks-to-email because of her Super Lawyers directory ads in the last year and she experienced a nearly 67 percent uptick in profile views.

Access the full case study to see how Lagos uses her marketing spend to bring in quality clients.

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