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Case Study: Differentiating Yourself in the Marketplace

Case Study: Differentiating Yourself in the Marketplace

At the end of the day, legal achievements offer you and your firm an excellent way to stand out in a crowd from others. In a world where consumers and referring attorneys have countless options to choose from, you need to make the strongest case for why you should be at the top of their list. Nowhere is this concept more present than at Stange Law Firm in St. Louis, Missouri.

Stange Kirk1_blog.jpgThis recent case study from Super Lawyers highlights founding partner Kirk Stange. The content showcases the value behind an integrated marketing approach and how multiple touch points can influence consumer hiring decisions. With a total of five selectees at his firm selected to the Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists, Kirk saw a unique opportunity to leverage this recognition as a tool to generate higher-quality cases.

Combining print advertising in both Missouri and Illinois Super Lawyers Magazines with an online presence in the SuperLawyers.com directory has led to increased word-of-mouth recognition for the firm as a whole. “There are a lot of different firms out there that do what we do,” says Stange. “The biggest thing Super Lawyers has done is given us a way to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.”

Click here to learn more and view our full case study about Kirk.

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