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Career Advice from Teresa Meinders Burkett

Career Advice from Teresa Meinders Burkett

We interviewed Teresa Meinders Burkett, partner at Tulsa’s Conner & Winters, for a Q&A in the upcoming issue of Oklahoma Super Lawyers in July, but were unfortunately unable to fit the entire conversation into the published article. In these previously unpublished excerpts, Burkett, who loves practicing health care law, offers her advice for younger individuals:

I try to encourage a lot of young women to go into the legal profession. I say women because I think I have an opportunity to mentor and deal with a lot of young women in my work and I encourage them to pursue law because it is a great profession, much flexibility, intellectually challenging, something new every day, it’s impossible to be bored here.

She echoed that sentiment later in the interview.

One thing I tell a lot of our summer associates that come through the firm is if you want to find something where there’s always going to be interesting new things to do, health care law’s it. Because the laws are constantly changing, there are always new challenges, there are always new ways of doing things that require lawyers to help the clients get through those changes. Every day is an exciting day in health care.

Read the Q&A in Oklahoma Super Lawyers, out in November, and watch the blog for more from Burkett.

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