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Big Cases, Boutique Firm: Denver’s Reilly Pozner

Big Cases, Boutique Firm: Denver’s Reilly Pozner

What kinds of cases does Denver-based firm Reilly Pozner handle? In our cover story, “The Life of Reilly,” on firm co-founder Daniel M. Reilly, in the lastest issue of Colorado Super Lawyers magazine, we touch on the subject briefly:

[Reilly’s] firm of 27 lawyers focuses on cases that are complex not only in size–involving millions of documents and billions of dollars–but in content. They don’t fit neatly into any legal construct. They are cases for which the law is not yet developed. “We’re not setup to do the same case time after time after time,” Reilly says. “The smartest lawyers around come to us as problem-solvers. Our cases require all your creativity. It’s why it’s stimulating and exciting.”

Reilly answers more extensively in the video below:

Reilly is the seventh cover subject of Colorado Super Lawyers magazine. One has gone on to become governor of the state, another a district court judge. Past cover subjects include:

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